Project Management News and Articles Update: Wednesday 24 July 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome; it’s Wednesday again – midpoint of the working week – so let’s get started.   We begin today with an update on the failed UK government project to create ‘super’ regional fire control centres from Matthew Finnegan of ComputerWorld UK in his report MPs Attack Rescue Plan for £482 Million FireControl Project.  Over at SlideShare, Evan Leybourn has posted a presentation with the self-explanatory title of Autopsy of a Failed Agile Project for your consideration.  This next link comes with a spoiler alert: don’t click through if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead (seasons 1-3) but are planning to do so!! But as a huge fan of this series I couldn’t resist linking to Carol Pinchefsky‘s article 6 Lessons “The Walking Dead” Can Teach You About Project Management,  at The Fast Track, which makes some very good points that we can all learn from.  Finally today, at Tony Westbrook offers his view on the BBC’s DMI project failure and explains what CIOs can learn from it in his article BBC Programming For Failure?  Happy reading.

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